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Purchaser/Collector Notes

1. Copyright
The Purchaser/Collector confirms ownership of a global entity, excluding forms of digital media works that he only has the license rights related to the collection, display, transfer or sale of the work. The Purchaser/Collector will NOT own the copyright of the work, and the relevant copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights shall remain owned by Ocean Creative Co., Ltd. Purchaser/Collector is generally limited to not editing the content of the work and shall not presenting the work in a way that the work finds objectionable, political, racism, hate or illegality. The defaulter will be terminated the contract of purchase unconditionally and the works must be returned to the company immediately. Ocean Creative reserves the right to submit it to the court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China for further processing when the situation is serious.

2. Special Statement
Purchaser/Collectors must note that the original comics have
unique production steps, so there may be certain defects or repair defects
caused by the production, such as, decolorization of manuscript paper and
transparent tape, white oil paint, pencil, color Pen and photocopying, etc.
This is one of the features of this comic artworks that buyers must take care
and consider carefully before purchasing. Once purchased, it will not be

3. Taxes
The Purchaser/Collector of will be responsible for all applicable
taxes, including value added tax, sales or compensatory use taxes or all such
taxes based on the transaction price and buyer's remuneration. The buyer's
responsibility to identify and pay all taxes due. In any event, the laws of
Hong Kong SAR, China apply first.

4. The Purchaser/Collector must understand, agree and accept all the above terms before purchasing.


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